10th anniversary celebration

10 years Anniversary – Jupiter International Hotel

Jupiter International Hotels is the leading business hotel enterprise in Addis Ababa since 2008, the 10th anniversary celebration of successfully meeting and exceeding, guest requirements. An achievement to be proud of in an increasingly diversified and competitive industry.

It is always inspiring to learn how a brand impacts history in a positive way. Memorable events and happenings have taken place at Jupiter International Hotels over the past ten years, and now we have the opportunity to proudly retell the story. We have experienced highs and lows in the industry as well as smooth & turbulent moments as a team and family. All that has gone before has made us stronger, together. We are proud of the reputable name we have built in the sector, and stand tall with all our industry peers.

Jupiter International Hotels prides itself on connecting travelers to what matters most to them as they travel within Ethiopia or to Addis Ababa.

Our purpose has always been to care for our employees so they may perform at their very best. This has informed our business decisions and our growth strategy, all of which is intended to create continuing value for our shareholders.

Our focus will continue to be building relationships with our guests and attracting the best colleagues in the industry.

For this remarkable milestone, we have different initiatives lined up that we will execute throughout the year. We will engage our shareholders, our teams, the community, and industry stakeholders. We want to use the opportunity to celebrate the 10th anniversary, our success by sharing our experience in this 10th anniversary celebration and letting our guests tell us what they want from Jupiter International Hotels in the years to come.

We are excitedly preparing for the next decade. We have begun by launching additional hospitality and service related outlets to extend our expertise and products to a greater number of guests and clients. The road ahead will be challenging and rewarding.

And of course, we want our Addis Experience readers to follow our activities and get involved in the JIH events by following us on our social media pages and our website.

They say always enjoy the journey when you plan to get to a certain destination. We asked teams that worked at Jupiter International Hotels for the past ten years. These people have seen it all. Read what they have to say about their journey.

10th anniversary celebration

Abaynesh Teshager

The structure and the working environment at Jupiter is great. I have been able to rise through promotion, in the ten years that I have been working here. The best thing about the company is that we are offered regular training and this helps me to become more informed about the hospitality industry.

Tesfaye Melaku

When I speak about my past ten years experience at Jupiter International, I speak about the learning organization that it is, and the good teamwork and the many advantages that benefit us. In addition to this, I have learned about the importance of social interaction.

Etaferhau Nigussie

In the ten years that I have worked at JIH, I have gained much knowledge. Above all, I love the sisterly and brotherly relationships nurtured among the working teams and with management.

Birquwa Kibret

I am very happy with my long tenure at Jupiter because I have had good relationships with team members. However, the main reason for me working for such a long time at the hotel is that the owners respect all members of the different JIH teams.

Michale Zewdie

I have gained much knowledge from the many training sessions that the company has offered us. The effect of this is that as a team member I am motivated and it gives me the power to continue when I am tired.

Aster Ayele

I am very happy with the owners of JIH and my fellow team members.

Tiegist Alemu

There is a huge passion in the company and this motivates us to take all of our duties and responsibilities very seriously. The owners believe in their teams and it is this that has kept me working at JIH for ten years.

Birtukan Derebe

Work is a home away from home. I am very pleased to have stayed at Jupiter for the past ten years. During this time, I have had a promotion because I have worked hard.

Alemsew Negash

Working at Jupiter for the past ten years has been like living in my mother’s home. I have been promoted and I have learned much about hospitality and social interaction.

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Jupiter International Hotel

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