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At a corporate event or party, food is vital and it is thus important to choose the right catering service that will
propose and deliver the ideal meal. The process of choosing an appropriate catering service requires research and
recommendation. It is useful too, to request a sampling prior to making a final decision.

Here are some of the important points to note when you are looking for a catering service:
• Set your catering budget once you have established an accurate guest list. Take into consideration that
some of your guests will not turn up on the day itself even though they have said that they will. Make
sure therefore that you do not over-order the amount of food that is needed.  Discuss your budget with
your caterer and see what options are available. Do you prefer a buffet style or a sit down dinner for your
guests? Do you have a theme or style for your event that will be reflected in the cuisine? Remember that
it is the type of food that usually determines the price of the catering service. Finally ask your caterer
what the payment terms will be.
• Knowing where the caterer shops for food is helpful. It is equally important for you to know whether the
ingredients used in preparation will be fresh or frozen as this will definitely affect the quality of the
meal. Will any of these dishes be pre-made and then frozen until the event? Do any of the ingredients
come out of a can? You surely would not want to serve this kind of food to your important guests.
• Does the caterer supply decorations, linens, tables and chairs? This is an important question as you would
want your caterer to help you with these logistics. You must be very clear about what your event needs,
and what the caterer can supply.  To gain a sense of a catering company’s style, look at its brochure or
visit its website to see examples of past events and table decorations, before you take any decision.
• Find out whether the catering company provides waitrons and if it does, whether there is a dress code for
the servers. What is the ratio of servers to guests? The general rule of thumb is one server for every
twenty guests.  And make sure that your caterer provides enough waitrons for your event!
Lastly think about what will happen with the leftovers.  You may want to request a food basket from your caterer.
Remember to always communicate clearly with your caterer about exactly what it is you want so as to minimize
any misunderstandings and sub-standard service.
At Jupiter International Hotels Off-Premise Catering, we understand how busy you are and that is why we are here
to assist you!

Our Off-Premise catering professionals will provide everything you need to ensure a stress free business meeting,
training, or event. We offer a delivery service; on site catering; a drop off service; pick up service; set up; clean up;
and trash removal if desired. Each event is tailored to meet your business catering needs.

Book our Catering Services at Jupiter International Hotel in Bole and Jupiter International Hotel in Cazanchis
Email: Catering@jupiterinternationalhotel.com or
Call: +251 92 950 0781

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