The Greener Side of Addis Ababa

According to some sources two decades ago, 40 % of our capital, Addis Ababa was a forest. Over the years, significant areas of forest were cleared out as the city expanded in every direction for residential and industrial purposes. Recently, the disappearance of trees has started to concern residents. The effects of climate change have started knocking our door.

To protect valuable ecosystems and biodiversity in the city and the surrounding countryside, governmental and non-governmental organizations are advocating the rehabilitation of degraded areas. The advocacy work involves organizing seasonal tree planting events that involve all the community. The initiatives create awareness on how to preserve green areas, how to use alternative fuel sources, and how to restore deforested areas.

In mid-August 2017, our JIH teams traveled out to Kolfe Keranio Subcity, a western suburb of Addis Ababa, on trees planting expedition. The JIH community is keen to reduce its carbon footprint and be part of a green city solution. The event engaged thirty of our teams, each of whom managed to plant a hundred saplings. Soon, to maintain the momentum of the re- greening activity, JIH will be the recipient of a plot of land where more saplings will be planted and nurtured. JIH will continue to conserve the land well into the future.

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