Buhe Ethiopian Holiday

Buhe and Ethiopian New Year


Buhe is traditionally regarded as a young boy’s holiday. During this time boys spend some two days singing. Boys prepare long, thick, whips made of fiber that traditionally make a huge sound that is able to be heard across the valleys. It is celebrated by Ethiopian Orthodox Church on August 19th, Buhe Ethiopian Holiday. Buhe marks the end of the rainy season. Boys join in a group, each holding a long stick to sing a traditional Buhe song known as HOYA HOYE. Their song is for everyone in their village and expresses gratitude and admiration. Village mothers bake special bread called Mulmul to give as a reward to the singing boys. After collecting the bread, the boys will continue praising the hard work, wealth and social status of the village families.

Buhe Holiday


Ethiopian New Year / Enqutatash

Enkutatash, Ethiopian New Year – Buhe Ethiopian Holiday, falls at the start of the harvest season when the rain lessons and the sun shines brightly in the blue sky. Following this, seasonal birds such as Yemeskel wof, visit; yellow flowers known as Adey Abeba come out in profusion, and green grass covers the fields and mountains. This mesmerizing season attracts tourists from all over the world.

Little girls start singing the familiar song Abeba Ayewosh a week before the holiday begins. Wearing Ethiopian cultural dress completed by an elaborate hairstyle, and carrying a small drum and flowers, the girls visit each house in their village extending wishes for a happy and prosperous new year.  And on the eve of Enkutatash, village elders and young boys gather outside to attend a bonfire ceremony. The ceremony begins when a chibo, a bunch of long, thin sticks, is lit. While the boys and elders do this, the little girls continue to sing Abeba Ayewosh around the bonfire. In every household, Ethiopian traditional food like Doro Wot and drinks like Tella and Tej, will get prepared for the feast.  The following day, New Year is celebrated across the country. Enkutatash is a time of warmth, where families, friends, and neighbors pay each other visits, wishing a happy new year.

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