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The World Famous Coffee Destination – Ethiopian Coffee

As an indigenous and the best coffee beans have been growing wild in the forest of the South Western highlands of Ethiopia since time immemorial. You might not know the word ‘Kaffa’ which is a name of a province in Ethiopia, but you surely know the world’s popular product that is derived from the product of this province- coffee. It is told that Kaldi, a shepherd in that region, witnessed one of his goats acting strangely after consuming coffee beans. The story tells how he took these coffee beans to a close by a monastery. The monks first believed it was the craft of the devil and threw the beans in the fire. But as the beans burned the smoke that was released was of a unique aroma that not only pleasantly surprised them but also allowed them to stay longer in the night without sleep. These monks ended up using these best coffee beans in the form of liquid coffee in order to stay longer during their meditations and readings before it was adopted by the middle east in particular Yemen for larger production and trades. And while coffee Arabica was named after the first coffee trades, many forget its origin and deserved name Coffee Ethiopia.

Based on this fact and numerous other findings of natural history, Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee long before its gradual migration to the rest of the world.

best coffee beans

Brew a perfect cup of coffee

The process of brewing coffee in Ethiopia is one of the most important social occasions. Lasting traditionally a few hours, it is a moment of reflection through warm smiles and heartfelt discussions that portray our love, respect, and friendship for those we invite to the ceremony. From the famous saying ‘Buna Tetu’ which means ‘’come have coffee,’’ Ethiopia homage to this brown gold is ornate and always an occasion to gather anyone who wishes to belong. Once the beans are roasted, participants are given the opportunity to sample the aromatic smoke by wafting it towards themselves. This is followed by the grinding of the beans, customarily in wooden mortar and pestle. The grounded coffee is slowly stirred into the black clay coffee pot locally known as ‘Jebena’, which is rounded at the bottom with a straw lid. The ceremony is usually conducted by young women, dressed in the traditional Ethiopian costume of a white dress with colored woven borders also known as ‘Tilet’.

Source: Ethiopian Airlines, Cloud Nine Menu

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